You will be highly rewarded if you choose a truly dedicated and very committed high class professional escort over the other workers in the adult entertainment industry. Truly, these exclusively elegant and marvelous beauties are simply one-of-a-kind often bordering from absolute gems to sophisticated living diamonds. It is no wonder why the world’s most discerning gentlemen, those who require only the best in life, always get the services of these dedicated escort, courtesan, and female companionship specialists and nobody else. If you are wondering what makes these ravishing beauties truly special, here are the top 10 characteristics of the world’s best high-class escorts.

  1. Stunningly beautiful and marvelously elegant. These Escort Frankfurt ladies are not your run-of-the-mill beauties. Some are part-time models and budding actresses making a name for themselves in the exciting world of print and visual media. These are the kind of girls that you can only expect to see in the centerfolds of leading magazines.
  1. Unrivaled expert in social etiquette and grace. High class escorts bring with them an air of sophistication and grace that everyone in a social gathering will be turning their heads to this graceful beauty. And if you happen to be in her company, you will be the talk of the town for many weeks to come.
  1. Well-educated. At the very minimum high class escorts have earned their college degrees to make sure that they can provide the best physical, mental, social, and emotional care for their clients. A session with these ladies can be both sensually ecstatic and intellectually stimulating at the same time.
  1. Emotionally-attuned. One inherent benefit of getting a female companion is the emotional connection that they bring into the temporary relationship. A great number of clients only require some form of emotional release so they will feel a lot better again. As such, truly dedicated high class escorts always make sure that they also tend to the emotional needs of their clients.
  1. Multicultural service-oriented. Exclusive high class courtesans are knowledgeable in the different cultures of the world. They know how to treat a client from Asia, from the Middle East, from North America, and from Eastern and Western Europe. They know the cultural differences of these clients and as such can provide the same service with a unique culturally-attuned approach.
  1. Customer satisfaction-driven. All high class escorts are motivated only by one thing – to serve their clients to the best of their abilities and in the highest possible level of quality. All clients are treated as royalties and depending on other client requests, high class escorts can provide even more value to their clients. The goal is for the client to go home more than happy and content. He needs to go home feeling fulfilled.
  1. Multi-talented. Professional escorts are not only excellent in the art of the Kama Sutra; they also bring into the professional relationship other talents to make the whole experience truly memorable.
  1. Exquisite traveler. High class escorts naturally love travelling. This offers them the chance to really meet new peoples and learn new cultures. In a way, it is a golden opportunity for them to improve on the escort and courtesan skills.
  1. Whether on a formal business gathering or a social event, you will never go wrong with a high class escort. They can converse in almost any language. They can speak their minds if you want them to. Or they can just use the language of touch as the primary conversation tool.
  1. Very professional. High class escorts are one of the most dedicated professionals you will ever meet. They are so dedicated in what they provide that they continuously improve their skills and assets to bring customers only the best female companionship available on the planet.

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